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MetroGel Review

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MetroGel Review

MetroGel is a topical medication for severe acne that guarantees the ultimate fix in eliminating acne.

MetroGel 1% includes the most powerful strength of metronidazole available in a topical product, and an exclusive formula that contains HSA-3®, a combination of ingredients including betadex, niacinamide (vitamin B3), and propylene glycol. In a 92% water-based gel, these ingredients work together to help your skin retain moisture while enhancing the absorption of the medicine.

Applying MetroGel on the affected areas on your face helps control acne rosacea and it can also improve your skin by decreasing redness and swollen lesions brought by acne rosacea.

Like any other prescription skin care drugs, MetroGel also has its side effects: metallic taste, burning/stinging sensation on the skin, skin dryness, tingling or numbness felt in either hands or feet, and nausea.

Other side effects associated to MetroGel (as reported by patients who tried this acne product in our MetroGel Forum) also experienced skin irritation, watery eyes, and skin redness. In severe cases caused by using MetroGel, serious cases of allergy have been reported as well.

Patients complained of having breathing difficulties, puffiness of the lips, mouth, or tongue, and respiratory congestion.

Before you consider using MetroGel for acne treatment, consult your doctor first.

MetroGel Forum

In addition to this MetroGel review, we invite you to read and discuss everything about MetroGel in our forum. Although there is a complete Acne Treatment Forum, you can take advantage of real MetroGel reviews and unconstrained discussion right in the MetroGel forum! Find out what real people think about MetroGel and share your own experience with this acne treatment product.

Latest messages in MetroGel forum:

Author: Davis from CO

My face is acne free after using MetroGel.

Author: Gibson from LA

I am using it for two months. No side effects and acne scars gone.

Author: Matthew from SC

Good and reliable to treat acne and scars.

Author: Sofia from MetroGel forum

MetroGel cannon eliminate acne defects

Author: Steven K. from Alaska

MetroGel worked pretty well and my face and back look much better than they were 3 months ago. Still, I cannot recommend this acne product because I suffered from headache and nausea all these 3 months!

MetroGel forum

MetroGel Rating

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